Noelle Monferdini

Tucker City Council District 2, Post 2

1. Please provide a brief background to introduce yourself

My name is Noelle Monferdini, I have been part of this beautiful community for the last sixteen years. I own my home and live with my husband and children in what is now considered district two.
Professionally I have managed multi-million dollar infrastructure projects across the United States and developed strategic policies and procedures throughout my time as a Six Sigma Black Belt.  My current endeavor is a Tucker based photography business that I enjoy immensely.

2. Give us some information about your involvement in the Tucker community, organizations, and participation.

When the call went out three years ago that Lakeside City was land grabbing at our little community, I jumped on board. I broadcasted a call to action to my social base and have followed the issue's progress. I have not been a part of the Tucker 2015 group, but I would like to personally thank them for their hard work and dedication to the entire process thus far.

For the community I coach several of our youth soccer teams here in Tucker at Henderson Park in the Spring and Fall as well as help my neighbors in any way that I can, whether it is to cook a meal for a family that is going through hardship or donate some of my time helping a fellow running mate create a website. For my church community I have volunteered as a youth group leader, I have sung with the praise team for five years as well as participated in the outreach group. 
3. Have you held office before? If so what office and when?

Plain and simple, no I have not, and thank goodness! It seems that too many politicians have lost focus of their primary responsibility, the people that they represent. I intend to be the exception.
4. Please tell us why you have decided to run.

"Taxation without representation."  This is how I feel when I think about how things have been with Dekalb County. I want to hear your concerns and be the voice of Tucker.  I want to know my district, listen to the changes they call for, and implement them. I want to be what this country intended a public servant to be, and serve my community, not myself.

The services our government provides should be fair, easy to understand, and tailor-made to its citizens.  I want to work toward this ideal every day that I'm in office.

5. Please tell us what it is that you feel is most important to be accomplished by the first City of Tucker government.

First and foremost, do no harm, protect our citizens and businesses.   This is a brand new city and there are many issues that need to be addressed. But you need a plan to build a city, and my plan would start with our budget, to ensure that we never raise taxes during my tenure. The next phase would be to pull together a dynamic, diverse team that will be your City Manager and Staff. These individuals will partner with the community by being completely service based, listening to your needs and your issues and finding solutions.