Noelle Monferdini believes that an individual should have the most possible autonomy with their own property and their own land.  She believes in being a true public servant, which for her means listening to the people in her district and trying to adapt local ordinances to make their lives better and lessen the stresses of change.  Noelle would like to create a budget minded city government, one that lessens the financial burden of the residents, through structured contracts with in depth scopes of work that would insure proper delivery of each project. Noelle would like to keep the Homestead Exemption as a permanent feature to the new City of Tucker as well as work a budget that will reduce the current property tax. Noelle sees that the current ways of government are irrevocably broken and understands that only the right team can rebuild it into a truly selfless governing body.

Noelle Monferdini views

 Noelle Monferdini

Tucker City Council District 2, Post 2