Noelle Monferdini

Tucker City Council District 2, Post 2

Noelle Monferdini: With a combined effort and a little extra planning and negotiating I believe that we can accomplish more than we think. Here's the idea, we are allotted funding for transportation road repair and construction that is already in the tax base, add negotiating with the local utilities for a chase they can use by purchase or lease (fiber is coming and updates on old collocation will need to happen) combine these totals, build smart contacts with hired contractors and we will be the majority of the way. I’m pretty sure that the biking community wouldn’t mind a yearly license fee to use these roads that would keep them away from traffic, but that would be left to a vote. We need to rip up and repair our damaged sidewalks anyway, we will need to repair our roads anyway. This is something that the newly formed city could talk about but not take over until we are past the current city charter, with that being said, we can still plan for it.

‎Suzanne BORcHERt‎ to Tucker Elections 

January 3 at 9:47pm ·


Noelle Monferdini: yes, that would be me. I would like to see a safer bike lane, I ride and my children ride. I fear for our safety every time we go out. I would like to see something like this as a future plan of Tucker City

Do we have any contestants for city council or mayor that are specifically pro-bicycle lanes, pro-parks, and willing to vote to make sure that Tucker is bike friendly and has places for families to walk, run, and ride bikes?

Post by: Suzanne Borchert

Certainly I understand Tucker City Hood has nothing directly to do with the public schools....but since schools are part of our community I have a few questions for the candidate pool:
 A) Which candidates send/sent their children to local schools?‬

‪Until two years ago all five of my children attended Midvale Elementary, Tucker Middle and Tucker High. In 2013 I pulled my Kindergarten, 2nd, 3rd and 7th grade children from the system, leaving my oldest daughter whom is set to graduate this spring. ‬

‪B) If they did not, why? ‬

‪My youngest son was having difficulty following rules and keeping up with his school work, a combination of a new counselor and new assistant principal led me to the decision that he was not yet ready for a school atmosphere and they could not help him. When I addressed the assistant principal I was told that he had been in school to long and by law would need to continue his education and I could not hold him back a year. This left me no other choice but to home school him. Later that year he was diagnosed with phonetic & visual dyslexia as well as attention deficit disorder. ‬
‪My 2nd grade son and 3rd grade daughter soon followed. I waited to pull my 7th grade daughter; I wanted to make sure that the decision was right for her and for this newly formed home school. News soon let out of issues with a teacher and student at Tucker Middle, I transferred her out the very next day.‬

‪C) What are each candidates' plans/approach to advocate for our local schools with the county school system and with Tucker citizens.‬

‪We are teaching our future, the very people that will run this country when you and I are long gone. 

As a start I would like to see a program or class put in place that teaches our children life skills such as applying for a job, keeping a bank account, applying for student grants and loans, filing taxes, reading contracts, etc. I would also like to see our school staff properly paid and measured on individual success rather than using standard test scoring, because standard children simply do not exist. I would like to see our history text broadened to encompass the failures and struggles of our past leaders; children only see a minuscule portion of a valuable lesson.‬

‪As to my approach on how to get it done, I would first assemble a diverse volunteer team, we would then identify and define each key issue and get the information to the public, once reviewed and approved we would begin to collect data and incorporate findings into a written statement to be broadcasted in a campaigning effort to build community momentum and support to move toward a lobbing effort.‬

‎Seth Snyder‎ to Tucker Elections